Ruin and Resolve antho out by December 28

One Jumper Cable backstory and one Activated backstory are part of the Ruin and Resolve anthology by Rocket Kapre. Given that publisher/editor Paolo Chikiamco says it better, I’ll quote him here:

Given all that the country has been through in the last two months, September 2009 might seem a lifetime away to some of us. Yet the damage from Ondoy [typhoon Ketsana] and Pepeng [typhoon Parma] still remains, and in the coming year the typhoons will return, as they always do. As Filipinos, as writers, as Spec Fic lovers, we want to do our part to help those who are still recovering from the storms, and to support those who will be at the vanguard of future relief efforts.

Last October, I sent out a limited call for submissions for Ruin and Resolve, an ebook anthology which Rocket Kapre would put up for sale, donating any profits received to the Philippine National Red Cross. Seventeen heeded that call, and in the span of less than three months, we’ve managed to compile nineteen stories and five poems, to offer as an incentive for those who want to share their blessings, especially during the Christmas season. On December 28 (fingers crossed) the anthology will go on sale at, and I’ll need everyone’s help to get the word out.

I do hope you all get to like the antho!


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