Mark 9verse47 issue 5-7 (ezawa/pascual/dragfly) [meganon]

Starting with this article I’ll be doing little reviews/raves of the komiks I manage to get hold of during Summer and November Komikon. I’ll also be uploading the ones at tumblr slowly. This is so I have a firm archive of the reviews I make, as well to have more content in this wordpress blog.

The review for Mark 9verse47 issues 5-7 starts under the cut, I hope you like.

Finally I’m starting on the reviews for the November Komikon stash. We’ll start with something (disclaimer) that has already won me over with its compilation of the first 4 issues.

Issues 1-4 gives the basic plotline and introduces the main players of this story. Quick summary: young lad Stephen is supposed to be the Gatekeeper, and will ultimately be the one to keep the war between heaven and hell at bay. But first Stephen has to be kept safely alive, and for that you need a couple of bishonen angels plus angsty lead character Visdei.

Issues 5-7 is a backstory arc for Visdei, while they’re keeping Stephen safe somewhere. The arc explains why the series is named so, and the events surrounding such.

Unfortunately it took me too long to realize I was reading backstory already. (If I did not read the summary blurbs at the back I would not have known at all!) I thought the story suddenly swerved off to tell the adventures of a new character.

This is because of a few things: (1) Visdei’s former self is so immensely different from the current character that you might as well be looking at a different person in the illustrations. It’s not very graphic, but the parental-advisory warnings are there for a reason. (2) Since Tepai’s native style is heavy on the blacks, the “flashback” technique of having black instead of white backgrounds for the panels flew over my head. I mean, there is no clearly obvious transition between the white background and the black background, such that the shift from actual events to backstory got lost on me. (3) And this last one is not the Meganon team’s fault: it was late at night when I was reading this, having just come from bad news.

Tepai’s growth as an artist is clearer in the Ron Hunter arc. The characters no longer look like Hagaren clones, but closer to what the Maktan 1527 characters look like. They look like her and Maika’s distinct creations now.

The story pacing is also very good in this arc. (Yes, a part of me is really, really happy that a Pinoy series has A RUNNING ARC!) The balance between storytelling just from the art and with included dialogue is almost pitch-perfect. The small telling details of facial expression and just the right amount of ‘camera-angle’ gives much of the story without overloading dialogue. The action scenes are also just right, not too long or too rushed. This sets apart Tepai and Maika from the others, even if some of them have more detailed art to their komiks.

I also liked the extras at the end of the issues (such as the Criminal Minds fangirling), which helps to lighten up the atmosphere after such heavy material.

I am STILL begging for typesetting, but since the retaining of handwritten speech bubbles seems to be a conscious decision of the team I can’t do much about that. There are almost no typo and grammar errors in this arc than in the first four issues, which is a really good thing to see.

This is one of the indie series to follow (they sell at the usual comic stores and some anime stores, go find), and I’m eagerly waiting for more……bishonen cutie angels? ^^v


3 thoughts on “Mark 9verse47 issue 5-7 (ezawa/pascual/dragfly) [meganon]

  1. Thank you again for that wonderful review! 🙂 I really appreciate the suggestions and comments regarding the story and art. With this, we will be able to grow and improve more~! 😀

    “Tepai’s growth as an artist is clearer in the Ron Hunter arc. The characters no longer look like Hagaren clones, but closer to what the Maktan 1527 characters look like. They look like her and Maika’s distinct creations now.”

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve been wanting to hear this comment for a long time. XD I always get the impression of the “Hagaren-like art” It’s not that I deny that it’s one of my influences for this comic, it’s just that I want to move away from it now. haha. So this comment of yours makes me feel that my baby steps are already working.

    I also hope you understand that I can’t change the art drastically (even I wanted to make close to Maktan 1521 art.) We are considering the reaction of the readers. They (and you) might get confused if I change it drastically. That’s why I aim to do it gradually. 😀 And I guess it worked~!

    I’m very much humbled. Thank you very much. 😀 We promise to further improve on anything that needs improvement. (As for the handwritten words, I’d like to keep it that way for a while. hehe. XD)


    1. No worries about the typesetting, really. ^^v They’re a little hard to read in some places, that’s why I tend to cite it.

      And, Criminal Minds. Awesome stuff, yes. ^^v I just can’t find it often enough to watch regularly.

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