Ang Morion issue 1 [nest comics]

One of the groups with an alliance to Sacred Mountain (they plug Bayan Knights after all). I bought the first of several issues by now, to give it a try.

A Morion is a local rendition of a Roman guard, ie., during a reenactment of the crucifixion for the Moriones festival. The premise is the main character of this series takes up the Morion costume, that uses a mask for the face of the Roman guard, as his superhero costume. The guy inherited a magic amulet from his grandfather that seems to give him superhuman strength and bulletproof-ness. He’ll have to learn his skills fast, because a group of otherworldly beings are out to destroy the country in more ways than one.

The alliance with the pros has been useful to this series, because it shows rough professionalism (meaning, Cat’s Trail is obviously done by a pro in the business, Ang Morion is clearly done by a non-pro but done really well, at par with Mark 9:47). A little more sharpness of the inking will probably be better for it, as well as more separated speech bubbles (in several places the dialogue does not change speech bubbles for sentences with separate thoughts). This said, the drawing style, more western superhero-leaning, is good, the action sequences are executed really well, and the balance between dialogue and art is really good. The main character also promises to be somewhat angsty and interesting.

I want to get to the part when the lead takes on the costume, but we’ll see if I’ll keep on with this title.


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