Atomic Underground issue 1,2 (atomic underground collective)

Atomic Underground is a collective of 3-4 crazy comic-making guys who each have stories in the issues, scifi and fantasy. This makes for 3-4 manly college-male genre stories, but I’m not complaining. The high-quality color-photocopying for the covers is very appreciated.

As a general statement, the fact that the group uses down-to-earth, college-grade, Manila-street, sometimes Rated Tagalog humor and language is a great touch. Their art style as a collective leans more toward Western-style paneling, with touches of the manga-style for reactions. That said, the overall style is distinctly Pinoy, especially in its comedic timing. Several of them tend to write the script first then draw, which is evidenced by speech balloons that say too much, but this fault isn’t an annoying one.

Mario and the Spy Inc.: sMALL problem — Happy-go-lucky kuya and computer geek little brother have to deal with a rapper/mad-scientist terrorist right in the middle of the mall, while other baddies run loose as well. Introduces its characters well and distinctly. Sharp lines and paneling.

The Penciler — High school boy gets magic pencil, draws primary devilish mascot with it unintentionally, soon draws in too much trouble for himself. The author’s snarky side-panel and 4th-wall comments are fun to read. Very snarky mascot makes a good sidekick for the geeky main character. The comedy strip with the Pilsbary doughboy was also really fun.

Mad City — College guy has the unusual problem of seeing dead people, particularly suicide cases, and being their go-to counselor. Apparently this makes him the target of some other-planetary efforts to destroy Earth. You gotta like alien invaders who watch evening soap operas to pass the time, and a main character being a Dr.House-like Ate Charo. Snark is heavy but funny.

Full Upgrade — Not a full chapter, it gives the promise of a bull-man and a little boy who is too skilled at fighting for his size. More pencil-y than ink-y an art style, but also well-done.


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