Bellboy and the Hotel Universe (arvin de leon/alex sandoval)

An older release by the Comic Every Thursday group (of which Elbert Or is a member), it was purchased because, well, it was more affordable, and the art was cute and surprising. That dinosaur with the pie is adorably cute.

Bellboy, child of the stars, is practically the servant boy of an inter-planetary hotel with access to various dimensions in each room. After introducing the cute kid and his dinosaur pet, it goes on to show what he does for a living: getting rid of space debris, stopping the overthrow of kings, stopping wars. All in a day’s work.

The art is more like those find in current Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network cartoons, angular and cartoony and cute. But this is not to say it does not present itself well. On the contrary. The paneling is great, the detail of the art is present in many panels. The emotions are seen well. The characters are distinct. The geeky English is likeable.

It’s just sad that the comic did not continue, as mentioned at the end. (Or if did, point me to it?)


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