Cadre [polyhedron]

Written by Emil Flores and illustrated by his comic-making friends, Cadre is a series principally about a US-born Pinoy who chose to work in the Philippines instead as an NBI agent. I picked up two of four of their releases.

Amerikanong Hilaw — The first core story in the series, introducing the main character and some of his reasons for being in the country in the first place. The classic-Pinoy-komik style illustration suits the serious cop story feel being aimed for. The self-publishing on glossy paper does justice to the illustrations.

Cadre: Classified — This has three short stories illustrated by three different artists, about three different members of the Cadre team. Ranging from adorable and funny to sad and brooding, overall the release is uneven but likeable on the whole. (Don’t do what I did and read this without going through the Shuriken Duet issues, which this heavily references.)

After having several komiks about supernatural situations (and especially after marathoning Zombies in Manila), having a comic without ANY supernatural elements is a welcome change, and is also needed among the many stories Pinoy komiks are telling.


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