Callous: Chocolate Chip Wishes and Caffeine Dreams (carlo san juan)

It was such a relief to find a comic-book-writing doctor in Komikon, wearing scrubs even. (Two, actually, I’ll get to the other one eventually.)

Because….Wow. I, am NOT, alone, thinking about how to be a doc but also how to be a writer, BOTH, BOTH, it’s important that it’s both. It’s something difficult to explain to people outside the profession and to those in the profession who are not with those interests. But it’s important. I thought I was the only one turning down more lucrative/respected slots and residencies, in order to keep some relative freedom to do something un-medical. I am SO glad I am not alone.

Callous ( is a web comic strip series principally about new doctor Rianne and her friend duck who acts like her sidekick/counterpoint. What I bought is the first compilation of comic strips over the years. Not all of the strips are about medicine, don’t worry about it. Much of it is about Rianne going to a coffee shop, or dealing with her nephew, niece, boyfriend, best friend, balancing it all with a doctor’s life. Anyone can understand it without a medical background.

The art is just the right amount of detailed, and the characters are memorable even if you don’t know their full backgrounds. And I actually like the ducks. Also, if you’re wondering, yes, Rianne does show what new-er doctors are really like.

The next printing of the compilation can benefit from making the strips somewhat larger, so the type could be more easily read. The colors rendered okay.

All the best of success to the series!


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