Callous compilation 2 and Patintero 4

I was really broke during the MCC and was not in the best form, so the purchases then was really limited. (Result: I still don’t have issues 5 and 6 of Mark 9:47, or any of Mactan 1521. Some of the recs from others like School Days is still unbought. And Pope Byakuran was not bought, LOL!)

For two series I already track, some quick reviews:

Callous: Take Two Spoonfuls of the Sunny Side – The second compilation of the Rianne’s-daily-life strips, it’s presented in the same quality of the first compilation, with its good and not-so-good points already given in the longer review. I liked the Movie Mess series a lot, and I did like how it ended.

Patintero issue 4 – For some reason I like Patintero quite a heap, and it’s one of the series that is fast becoming a no-questions-asked-it-shall-be-bought series (along with Kanto Inc.). The author is getting better at this, because for something created after Summer Komikon for MCC (an interval of 3 weeks), it looks really good. Main hero Owen finds himself recruited into the underground league, despite of or because of his handicap. Three new characters are also introduced, all three of which I like (especially the Anzai-ish coach!). The author has to eventually do a character lineup page (something seen in front of most manga volumes), because I’m starting to lose track of who is named what.


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