Cat’s Trail Rewind issue 2,3 (elmer & maria cornelio damaso)

Some local publisher SERIOUSLY needs to pick up this title already and give this couple enough funds to do this not as a hobby. (Actually some local publisher needs to take up comic circles Point Zero, Mangaholix, Polyhedron, Sacred Mountain….).

Most veterans of indie komiks and people from the Culture Crash era know this story of Airee and Polaris, two crazy robbers and adventurers. Unfortunately I’m from the Mangaholix era so I’m only getting to read Cat’s Trail now. Rewind gives the tale of the duo while in the big city. Airee meets Butler Redd, who develops a crush on Airee and who much like Ginji is nice, clumsy, sweet….but has unique powers.

The fact that Elmer Damaso works professionally in comics (see any issue of K-zone) is very obvious in how the series is given out, with a high level of detail and masterful paneling. Influences of both east and west are clear, the way they are seen with Kriss Sison, but comedic timing and the sudden 4th-wall-breaking are definitely Pinoy. Balance of art and dialogue is just right. He is benefited by having his wife helping out in the story.
Story is still more action than actual story progression, but this is not a major gripe and the action is fun to look at and read. I don’t need to say more about the main characters, but the care given to supporting characters and to Butler is also great to see.

I repeat, someone needs to give them a formal paying contract to do this, so it doesn’t happen that it will be their kids who will finish Cat’s Trail.


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