Chalk The Dark Demise issue 1-2 (amon salgado) [jollijam]

Ideally there should be plenty to like about this series….so I’m not sure why it’s not hitting the right buttons for me.

For one thing, the story is so very much the opening sequence of Keroro Gunsou (Sergeant Keroro) that to have a rerun of it, with minor differences, rubs me somewhat the wrong way. Roll Castillo is your average high schooler who finds himself having a wise-cracking alien visitor, Verni from Sulatum. Verni knows Earth as Yesomu and quickly finds that Roll is a good host for something he plans to do. Unfortunately Verni didn’t prepare well for the trip and is stuck at Roll’s house, with Roll’s potentially crazy weird brothers.

The art is generally done well, and the typesetting is okay, but on the whole the paneling and art presentation is a rather, erm, busy; that is, too much is happening in an incoherent order in each page. To call it messy or chaotic will not be fair, because it’s neither of these things, but it is rather hard on the eyes. The packaging of the komik is really nice, I definitely grant that, and the cover art is well done.

Roll and Verni, for some reason I can’t particularly place, do not strike me as likeable nor really interesting, just wise-cracking. Keroro is one very snarky frog, but something makes him interesting and likeable, which makes the Keroro series work.

But I’m not saying don’t give this a try, because it may rub you the right way, and for a newcomer it’s a really good first attempt. More improvements need to happen in time for Summer Komikon, but I do wish this series more potential success.


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