Connextionz (yap/briquillo) [blindfold]

This is the other release by the two who gave out Ambriel (see earlier post).

First of all: info-dumps should NOT happen outside of the main story and, worse, at the blurb at the back page!

Second of all: there should be absolutely no need to explain your concept terms as side notes. They should be explained either in the context of the text, or explained properly within the text.

Now before you think I’m an awesomer-than-thou, I am definitely no such thing, and many of these things I see in the work of others, I feel most keenly in myself. Besides, I will never be able to draw much beyond stick figures and boxes. I review primarily as a reader, and I merely say that these things worked for me, and these aspects didn’t work in my favor.

These major gripes out of the way….

Connextionz is similar to the Matrix, an imagined and brain-created world within an actual world. This inner world, though, is starting to look like the real thing. Several enhanced people should sort this out, and clarify where illusion ends and reality begins.

The line art is incredible to behold, highly detailed and atmospheric, giving a clear sense of the desolation and the high technology of this world. The many characters rapidly introduced in several pages were distinct from each other, showing personality in just one panel.

As a first chapter, the whole thing gives a rather philosophical rundown of its core concept, a discussion that does make sense but, given in Tagalog, is a little hard to follow and understand. This is not to say that use of Tagalog was wrong for this piece; in fact it rather enhanced the discussion. It was just a little hard to understand as a whole.
The discussion also turned rather wordy, resulting in a work that is densely packed with detailed line art and bulky speech bubbles. But the presentation of both is quite balanced, neither aspect overpowering or overloading the other.

Yet with all the pretty art and the pretty concepts, I did not get what I wanted to know: why should I care enough about all this to want to follow to chapter 2?

As with Ambriel, this work has plenty of potential after it has improved on its weaknesses and enhanced on its strengths.


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