Crazy Metro: Roommates Wanted (fiestan / lu / blackmer)

I suspect this is the only impulse buy at MCC (since, as mentioned, I was broke), principally because aside from the series I already follow like Zombies in Manila this has the most interesting and pro-looking art and paneling.

Crazy Metro ( is normally a 4-panel webcomic that started around June 2010, about five guys who end up renting a house together. As I’m starting to learn, the comic strips do not explain how that happened. That’s the responsibility of the 20-pager I bought.

The intro comic does one thing right that I was looking for with Starchild and Jagannath: a proper introduction of all the relevant characters. This does it really well, telling us, for example, in no uncertain terms that JV is a seasoned nurse and Artix is a kind of medical intern that nurses find hard to bear, something easy to mistake by outsiders through the same use of scrubs. THIS, being somewhat in the business, I salute for getting it right by doing the research or asking a nurse friend.

The paneling is pro-grade and tight without being overwhelming. The typesetting has nothing wrong with it, insetting of photos is a nice touch. The art is manga-inspired, yet the reaction shots do not go overboard and retains originality.

And as a girl, it does help that these guys are all cute and likeable. ^^v

The comic strips are cute by themselves, and they do show off the illustrator’s skill in digital coloring. But if the creators don’t mind….could I have more of this book-style comic version?


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