Force 8 issue 1 (tomokii)

There is one thing and one thing only that I dislike about this series: the P80-100 price tag. Not that I would stop paying it, if it means she keeps her generous use of solid blacks and pretty covers. I just wish the price were lower.

Dialogue is sparse in this series but this because the art says a lot. The style is distinctive and great in its control of lines and, well, those blacks. The tight control of style spills over to how the story is given, piece by piece. (Yes, this is even if the author apologizes profusely for still learning. If this is ‘still learning’, I’m excited for how awesome she will still get!)

In general, several kids find themselves in the middle of color wars, literally crayon and paint colors, to save peace, order, and sanity in their alternate world. After introducing the twins and the general threat in the prologue, this issue introduces the big sister of the twins and gives a better view of the enemies. The introduced baddie is both intriguing and likable in a way, which is good.

I’m a fan of the art and the concept, and will keep following it, steep price or not, keep up the good work.


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