Goodbye rubbit (rh quilantang)

As mentioned at the cover of the booklet, the komik is “A simple story about moving on”.

Poor Rubbit is at the receiving end of a breakup, and takes it hard for quite a while, especially when his friends seem to be either happy with their lives or happily with other people. He finally decides to man up and move on. The end.

That said, it’s a really adorable way to present this painful situation, without passing judgment or blame. Every character is presented as rectangular animals (Rubbit is a rabbit), and they live in a cute little forest where Rubbit has a favorite tree stump. Each have hearts that are visible to anyone, when it’s sad or happy.

The art style used shows good detail while retaining its adorable feel. Paneling is nice and orderly throughout, with the open spaces working well for its theme. Characterization is displayed well even in the simple smiles and frowns.

Overall it’s a sweet, adorable, symbolic presentation of moving on, and you can’t help but be glad for the author who did so.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye rubbit (rh quilantang)

  1. thank u for the review. i hope u keep doing this up lalong lalo na sa indies. hindi kasi ako nakakabili masyado sa mga kapwa indie creator. next komikon alam ko na hahanapin ko. hehe. thanks ulit -RH

    1. I HOPE I can manage to keep doing this, considering what my life is like now. I would like to keep doing it, of course.

      Thank you much for the story, it was really sweet!

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