Gwapoman 2000 [obvious productions]

Another of the disciples of the Sacred Mountain, and their encouragement shows in this. The story is graciously peppered with profanity, fair warning.

In a twist from the usual superhero story, Gwapoman is a new-ish superhero who practically does not have a costume. While he’s muscular, he’s gritty and not handsome per se. And he’s far from likeable. Very snarky too. The enemy he’s after, former carnival illusionist Alas, is actually more down-to-earth, a criminal with a good heart and reasons for turning to crime. The story is how Gwapoman and Alas know each other, why they have a grudging respect of each other, and if they will ever make the other see things his way.

Both the pen-and-inked and the pencil-drawn art are done well with excellent typesetting, scanning, and cleaning, as well as printing. It’s hard to believe that the author is still in school (as he says), with this level of skill. Action panels are executed really well. Speech balloons are distributed in the right places at the right times. A copy editor with an eagle eye is needed, though, because several typo errors for both English and Tagalog make their way to the final copy.

Characterization of both Gwapoman and Alas is good, and the twist from the usual hero and villain stereotypes are appreciated. I do rather like it that Gwapoman is unlikeable, but rather good at his job.

I’m interested (more about Alas, though, alas….), and may come back for more. ^^v


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