Ibalong: Lupain ng mga Hiwaga (argin lerit) [salimpusa]

The comic was made as an entry for the Summer Komikon and then sold as an indie in the November Komikon. The story is a retelling of the Ibalong, an epic legend. Handyong, leader of a tribe, takes it on himself to face the Oryol one-on-one, after the creature defeated too many of his warriors. But he finds out that the Oryol is not your typical muscle-bound humongous beast of a creature, and requires different tactics.

The art is really likable, clean, well-inked digitally, and original to the author even when it takes from the manga style. However I did find that the comic relied too much on its script, such that too much is said in the speech balloons, to make the story finish in the 12-page limit of the Komikon Comic Creation contest. The comic does not appear cramped by it, but because of this the dense-ness of the speech balloons get emphasized. The pro-grade paneling, presentation, and printing is also much appreciated.

Handyong as presented here is a nice enough guy, which is good to see. That is, he’s presented as cute, capable, a gentleman, and not just a muscle-bound leader hunk. When Oryol is presented, she too is not an all-bad baddie, and that too is appreciated.

Overall it’s a good piece that did its job well in the 12-page allotment, even if it was rather cramped by it.


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