Jacara Zar (edgar tadeo) [alamat]

In another world where fantasy and science meld together, and men are forcibly enhanced for the gain of the powerful few, a solitary warrior fights against the established kingdom. It is part personal vendetta, part one-man revolution. And this guy, Jacara Zar, should know better than anyone how cruel the current rulers are; he is an escaped enhanced soldier. The first issue introduces us to Jacara Zar as he helps rescue a man enhanced against his will.

Now this one is as old-school Pinoy komiks as you can get at Komikon, complete with bosomy women, a lone-ranger character, highly detailed greenery and foliage, and beautifully hand-lettered speech bubbles. And yet this is not your typical old-school Pinoy komik either. It takes plenty from old-school western genre tropes, such as bosomy women wearing only underwear to fight, large men wearing nothing but muscle, armored soldiers in strange animal mounts, and royalty in outlandish attire. It’s the merging of both that makes it quite unique.

The pacing of the story also displays the author’s experience in komiks. It does not info-dump but does deliver a lot of information in each panel. It gives us a clear idea of Zar’s personality by the end of the issue, and plants us well into his world. The action scenes are also done very well.

The liking of this kind of comic, therefore, depends on your preferences. But even if you’re used to new-school art and techniques, give this one a try. There are reasons, after all, why the classics stand the test of time.


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