Kanto, Inc. issue 2 (point zero)

Taga-Ilog, his better half, and friend Kilayman join forces for this one.

The hapless adventures of over-smart Gwen as new house-person of a rich eccentric continues, this time giving a little more background into Ami the sour little girl gamer. Gwen wanders around the house and accidentally brings out her doppleganger. This causes some hijinks that Ami’s special skills finally deal with. (Angry Birds and even the Pasig series cameos appear, enjoy!)

Kilayman’s line art is still very incredible, highly detailed and very professional-level. Absolutely nothing is left to be said of how balanced the art, typesetting, and paneling are in this series. The reaction bits will always be awesome. Most importantly, this is one of the best examples of taking from east and west and yet being totally Pinoy.

The issue gives us an even better understanding of Gwen and how her brain works, besides giving us a better insight into Ami. The comedy is still pitch-perfect.

This is one of the titles with the standards to aim for. Sit up and pay attention. ^^v


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