Kanto, Inc. issue 3 (tinio-calingo,taga-ilog/kilayman) [point zero]

Isaac gets caught while in the process of finding a rare occult-related bug, but finds someone else after said rare bug. Thusly, after some highly insane negotiations, Al Bolano joins the crazy team as researcher. Meanwhile, Gokaiger and Masked Rider references abound.

I’ve already gushed enough about the incredible pro-level comedic art for this series, so I won’t do so anymore. Suffice to say, the Trese and Kambal cameo was done really well, and the dedication to draw in a Gundam, Cloud’s sword, R2D2, the Ark of the Covenant, and Justin Bieber’s hairdo is not lost on me.

The crazy dynamics of this group is emphasized in the dialogue, always truly Pinoy and almost always funny, heightened by the art. However I’m starting to want a case where the assembled team have to work together to get something actually done.

The extra comic at the end (drawn by the Talaan ng mga Aparisyon author) is also quite nice and as funny.

This is one of the releases you can’t go wrong keeping track of, and I hope it continues for quite a while.


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