Kapitan Tog issue 1 (freely abrigo)

My brother’s immediate reaction to the comic: Pinoy na Pinoy.

And it is a good assessment. It reminds of what makes the newspaper comics distinct and distinctly Pinoy. Of course, the author works for the dailies, and that helps. Kapitan Tog, hapless Pinoy superhero, tries his best to chase after a duo of robbers. It unfolds in a way that can happen only in the Philippines.

The comic uses no speech bubbles and seldom uses worded sound effects. But in a cheerful and simple little story, they are not needed. The lines are simple but used well, and the story and character reactions are very clear. The simplicity is not a word against this series, but a compliment.

It’s a kind of story and art style that even an international audience will understand quickly and laugh with, so I hope it gets an audience abroad as well.


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