Langoy: Ondoy Ground Zero (rommel estanislao)

Langoy is one of the small-booklet pieces by this author, released in an earlier year but I just bought now. It’s a collection of one-scene panels, all depicting humorous takes of events surrounding Ondoy (Ketsana).

The author admits that he was one of those directly affected by the floods, and this shows in each heartfelt panel. Very few of them are political. Majority reflect the very Filipino characteristic of trying to find joy and humor in absolutely any circumstance. Several show the ironies of life that appeared during Ondoy (such as the prayer level reaching 90%, or being told to be fully clothed in Marikina when everything is drenched). Some simply relate events in the author’s unique viewpoint as a komikero. I like how the booklet concluded with the author’s own response to all the tragic events: looking to God and finding the answers there.

The inkjet printing for the booklet does the art and formatting plenty of justice, maintaining the finer ink lines and details well. The presentation of the booklet is both professional-looking and indie-accessible, which is a good combination.

As one person’s means of healing from tragedy, Langoy delivers. May others find at least a chuckle in this little booklet, from an author who well understands the pain.


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