Lightbox Universe issue 0 [lightbox comics]

The comic team presents two stories, both in full color.

Orbit: Children of the Quanta – Lance (uy/santisas/torrevillas) — Quickly introduced over 6 pages are four young people with special powers, helping to rescue a boy suspected to be one of them.

Enough of the story is given to make us interested in the characters and their background. Introducing us to four key characters and differentiating their personalities within 6 pages is quite the feat. But not enough of the story is given to be understandable or make us care. Which is to say, I wish there were more pages before the first chapter stopped, so they could draw us in better.

Frontman: Leaving the Party Early (macam/balondo/hipol) — Elias Twine is an Elysium Bard but for the current century, meaning he can control music, and the way he does it is by modifying his playlist to suit his needs. An organization composed of wizards and such fantasy-type heroes keeps trying to recruit him, but he has other plans.

In contrast to the first story, too much information is occasionally crammed into speech bubbles, such as the protagonist’s backstory about his father. But in general the balance between the illustrations and the dialogue is good. The paneling is also a little cramped but organized well. Similar to the first story, not enough investment into the character or his problems is derived to make me want to keep on knowing more, although I am indeed interested.

The paneling and the art styles clearly derive themselves from American comics, but both are illustrated and executed very well, both in the core art and in the digital coloring. The packaging with glossy paper is quite impressive. The fact that the entire release is in color is also very impressive (very good book color printing is very good). The front cover is unrelated to the inside content, which is not very helpful in drawing people in, unfortunately.

Overall it’s a very good start, although I wish more pages for story development was given to both tales.


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