Love Story (rommel estanislao)

I think this is one of the earlier releases that I passed on, worried that I may run through a dialogue-less comic too quickly and not get my money’s worth. But I’m glad I bought it this time.

It’s a somewhat unique, somewhat typical love story presented without dialogue in a newspaper-comic art style. All dialogue is restricted to hearts, stars, cupcakes, and hashtag symbols, and yet it definitely works. Words are restricted to sound effects.

Superhero with a big heart has girlfriend. Girlfriend is stolen away by some biker dude. Poor superhero has his heart broken for the world to see (since it’s shown in his costume), and he takes it so hard it requires a girl superhero to save him while he’s so depressed. But it all works out in the end, and it’s all sweet.

My summary definitely does not show how cutely symbolic and funny this whole comic is, while bringing home the point, that pain from love can’t bring things back to normal, but hearts can be mended.

The high-quality photocopying is appreciated for a story like this that completely depends on its art, no matter how cartoony. The art is sufficiently detailed when appropriate. Paneling is also simplistic but helps in delivering impact.

Love works in mysterious ways, sometimes in superhero ways. And it’s all good. ^^v


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