Maktan 1521 issue 6 (tepai pascual) [meganon]

The continuation of Tepai’s solo work, and one that deserves a movie (well, if Amaya gets the high ratings, why can’t this be a tri-media success, aye?).

Magallanes enters the scene, and the datus of the various tribes are starting to choose sides. Datu Lapu-Lapu has already chosen his, and his tribe is now readying for war.

What I most appreciate in Maktan 1521 is its way of looking at the historical tale at all important angles, not just the one we are given in the textbooks. Sure we root for Lapu-lapu and his choice, but the other datus did have their good reasons (or their coercing factors) for siding with the colonists. This particular chapter shows us Magallanes’s personal struggles, meaning his own outlook of the colonizing, an outlook that’s actually not vicious and quite reasonable given what he’s been through. It also gives us the ordinary-villager view of Lapu-lapu, just how scary the preparations for war was, and how they all supported him despite the fears.

Art-wise Maktan 1521 is consistently better than Mark 9:47, as Tepai has control of both the story pacing and the art. (This is definitely not a beration of Mark 9:47, which is a work that started earlier. Thus Maktan 1521 builds on that experience.) That spread demonstrating Lapu-lapu in an earlier battle is quite the feat of inking, and the Grim Reaper panels are incredible. As with all the previous chapters, just the inking for the chieftain tattoos is something to be always impressed about.

This is a work that deserves Visprint’s attention (and/or a Flipreads digital release), and I do hope it eventually gets it. I still want a movie!


2 thoughts on “Maktan 1521 issue 6 (tepai pascual) [meganon]

  1. WOW~!! 😀 I’m very honored and humbled by your review. By the number of titles you’ve read, I’m very much happy that Maktan 1521 made it into your list. Thank you again and I hope to see you at the next con/kon! 😀

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