Marco’s Delivery Service (john carreon) [ravencage studios]

I got this one this year thanks to Pao’s favorable words on it, after skipping on it last year.

It’s incredibly stylish in the way Cowboy Bebop is incredibly stylish, take it or leave it. Frank Gibbson and Jim Curtiss (I suspect some guitar references are flying over my head) compose one team under Marco’s Delivery Service, which promises to deliver anything within the galaxy. The one-shot is the tale of one particular messy delivery.

In the way I have misgivings about manga-style komiks without giving something original, this comic veers toward being too American-style for its own good, such that it feels like it’s putting on a show with stereotypical characters.

That said, it is impossible to hate this comic, with its interesting snarky duo, its unique stylistic line art and ‘camera angles’, its great story pacing, its orderly paneling, and its wonderful execution of the action scenes. It’s a really well done piece, all throughout.

So you see, I do like it, I like it a lot, and I’m definitely glad I bought it. I just feel that that the only thing Pinoy about it is the name of the author, and that lack of Pinoy-ness makes me feel somewhat odd. I’m not saying that the characters should be Filipino, oh, no, or that it should be set in this country. My opinion is simply that future releases by the author should probably have more Pinoy flavor to it somehow.

It’s a problem all komikeros have, I suspect, and everyone is finding their own best answers to it. (So am I, in my own way, and I know it’s not easy.)


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