Mark 9 verse 47 issue 1-4 compilation [meganon]

The handiwork of Maika Ezawa, Tepai Pascual (one of the Komikon panel guests this year), and Dragfly, this is one of the stories that has my same problem: it’s not set in the Philippines and has no Pinoy characters and is not in Tagalog even if it has Pinoy creators, which makes it out of the question for publishers like Visprint. ^^;;; But it’s quite good stuff, that said.

Visdei, blind but seeing otherworldly things, finds himself in the battle between good and evil, literally, and the gate keeping good in control and evil at bay. But he’s not official gatekeeper, someone else is, and it’s his job to find that gatekeeper and keep him safe. It helps, of course, that Visdei has goodlooking guardian angels to help him out and that he’s not bad-looking himself. ^^v

The art is obviously and heavily inspired by Fullmetal Alchemist (chief baddie Mal is a whitehaired deadringer for Solf Kimblee), but that said, Tepai’s art is hers and she does not plagiarize nor imitate. Besides, FMA is a good place to start from, and this reflects in her high detail and great action panels.

All the characters in the series are likeable, interesting, distinct, and introduced well and just right (ie., shonen-style simply, and not like shoujo-style grand bishonen entrance). The theology in the series is not heavy-handed and non-offensive.

The series will benefit much from typesetting (dialogue in speech bubbles are still written in), as well as better copy-editing of the dialogue (the nitpicky grammar editor in me saw a few problems, but not a lot, unlike in some komiks I’ve seen).

I’m hooked on it, and will likely be getting issues 5 and 6 once I could.


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