Neox (limosinero/bulda)

I’m probably the wrong audience for this comic, it’s that kiddie. But it’s quite likeable, and I’m rather glad I bought it.

Neox is one of several kids who can shift into mechanized personas, and thus help to keep the peace in a scifi world. But understandably, a lot of their enemies are a LOT larger than themselves, putting them into a severe disadvantage. One of them is the baddie presented in this first issue, Darkpause.

The art style and presentation is a cross between Dragonball and Tetsuwan Atom (Astroboy) with a dash of maybe Transformers and Megaman and Pokemon, which is appropriate seeing that it’s targeting a younger audience than the usual Komikon audience. The contrasting helmets between the three characters is appreciated. The paneling is simple that brings it points across. The illustration and inking is clean in its kiddie-ness, yet sufficiently detailed with its mecha, which is good to see.

This one also my usual pet peeve of a character page at the back, giving information that should be included in the material instead (maybe in future issues, granted, but within the material).

One thing I appreciated is how they ended this issue…[spoiler]…without a clean win. It makes the characters vulnerable, and thus interesting that I want to find out more. I know it’s also quite the trope, but it’s done well here.

It’s highly possible I won’t go on to read more of this, because honestly I’m not the best audience for it. Yet I can safely plug this on mecha fans and younger komiks fans. It’s interesting with interesting characters, and it’s worth the follow.


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