Never Heard webcomics august-december 2011

We conclude this wave of komiks reviews by paying attention to a door-handle calling card handed out to me during the Komikon. A group of komikero friends, some of the better and best in the local business, they got together and made this website with generally-3-to-4-panel comics. All of them started around August and are continuing to the present.

Lucky Coin (mel casipit) — A cute simple story about a guy who finds a lucky coin and subsequently gets a string of funny lucky events happening to him. The coloring is nice, the illustrations are really adorable, and the events are almost always funny. The sequence wherein the setup is given during one post and the punchline given in the next post is a nice touch.

Reese (wan mananita) — Comic-geek broke guy meets drunk girl at the LRT station. Drunk girl is surprisingly spunky, but guy is oddly drawn to her (and is reluctant to leave her alone in that state). So proceeds a weird exchange between them. Both Reese and Robert and interesting characters, and you want to know more about them, whether or not they end up together. The coloring over the illustrations are a little heavy, but in general it’s not a problem. The paneling is balanced between the illustrations and the dialogue.

Noodle Boy (paolo herras/tepai pascual) — Call center agent and mami-loving boy meets next-door girl while she comes up her apartment with a load of clothes. Poor boy is forced to catch the girl as she trips on the stairs, and thus begins a relationship. Tepai’s art away from the Meganon material shows her continuing improvement as an artist, and her work does look really pretty when colored. The story is delivered through the illustrations (I haven’t seen any dialogue yet!), and delivered well.

Invictus: Land of Amaria (kai castillo) — From the author of the Patintero series, and also has the distinct art style of that longer work. Now that the art is colored, though, it’s quite nice to look at. Much of the first posts are world-building and information-giving, plus initial story grounding, but it’s done really well (and I’m immediately envious how well he does it.) The world presented is rather your typical fantasy story, but the style and pacing draws you in and makes you want more.

The Minkowski Space Opera (aaron felizmeno) — The story with the most impressive line art among the five, it’s set in a science-fiction world where people are after habitable planets. The first order of business: convince a firebird to leave his territory to some new colonizers. Of course, not happening, but it’s quite funny how they try. The two main characters play off each other quite well as a duo, and the comedy is sarcastic throughout. The paneling is highly impressive in this one, utilizing the 4-panel comic format to best use.

On the whole its the meeting of great komiks art in one website, you can’t go wrong giving it a try and following them all.


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