No. 6.5 (monomochi)

I swore to myself that I since I had a tighter purchasing budget for Komikon I would choose my komiks a bit better this year.

Unfortunately, as the regulars would notice, I have a weakness for No. 6, and a comic team with a similar weakness released a doujin for it, which had really good color fanart at the start. I gave in, and it was bought.

The doujin is done in 4-koma (downward 4 panels, Japanese-style). All are jokes fandom-relevant to the anime story. Thus a lot of the pandering is Shion trying to steal kisses, Nezumi trying to evade questions about the relationship (online included)….stuff like that. Others are of Shion fanboying Eve, including getting figurines, or defending Eve on online forums. Very funny to those who understand the fandom this series has acquired.

The art is, of course, manga-style, obviously by a team used to drawing for Hetalia before No. 6. That said, it’s well-done all throughout. The panels are organized, and deliver their punch lines well. The illustrations show a high level of skill. What sold me to buying this is the just how well the colored cover page was done, as well as the sketches for the characters within the booklet. The sketches for the anthropomorphized rats are all really great.

The presentation of the doujin is at par with majority of the komiks, with glossy paper cover and above-average photocopying. The indie-pro presentation is greatly appreciated and is one of the reasons I bought the booklet.

I don’t regret buying this at all! I liked it a lot! And yet this shows my own problems in making original work: we’re so used to the work of others, and making our own stuff based on the work of others, that making original work is not easy. So while I definitely enjoyed this doujin, I still hope to see original characters that I would grow to love, and similarly fangirl, from the creators of the doujin.


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