Panaginip (allen geneta) [makasining]

As it states, this is the presentation of a dream in the eyes of the dreamer. Rather it’s the presentation of a terrible nightmare. Several entities weave in and out of view, all accusers or components of a violent event.

Each page is presented as one large panel, with darkness as the background. Therefore it helps that the printing/photocopying of the booklet is very good, revealing all the eerie art peeking throughout. The art is almost always macabre but done well in a realist style. The ‘camera angle’ is first-person point-of-view, which adds to the nightmare effect of the piece. The horror piles on well with good layering of the suspense. And when the ‘punch line’ is delivered, it hits hard without doing it through the shock factor.

I remember that the only thing I hated was the ‘commercial’ at the center spread of the booklet, which disrupted the focus and ruined all the developing suspense. It should have been given along with the other advertisements at the end of the booklet.

As a final word, I would like to refer this person to the call for entries to Kenneth Yu and Dean Alfar’s horror anthology. Please submit!


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