Pasig2 issue 1 (taga-ilog) [point zero]

This is my problem in addressing the former Culture Crash series: I was not into komiks then (I’m from the Mangaholix era). My background about Pasig and Cat’s Trail is only hearsay, and I know Kubori Kikiam mostly by reputation.

So I pick up Pasig2, not exactly sure I know what I’m reading, but thoroughly enjoying the art and admiring the story. In any case, I do understand that this is a steel-bound future where Pasig is still quite the haven for things against the law. Mina is still at her bounty-hunter job, keeping clear of both rival bounty hunters and the law. Unfortunately Dante is still on her tracks, for whatever previous reason he was doing so.

There is so much, so much to admire about how insanely detailed the line art is for this series, especially in large panels. And yet each page does not seem cramped or crowded, despite dense speech balloons and aforementioned detailed art. The action scenes are easy to understand even with all the things happening.

The pacing of events is just right, with a balanced amount of heavy action and informative dialogue. Furthermore, for someone like me who comes into Pasig2 as a newbie, this re-introduction to Mina is done well without being annoying to veterans.

I’m also one of the people who just may buy a compilation of the earlier material, if ever it happens, and I hope it does. In the meantime, I’m more than willing to start from this point.


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