Patintero issue 2, 3 [wallpush productions]

Author Kai Castillo admits that he started out by using anime-style (his words), then finally decided he wanted his comic to be recognized with his own style. THAT is really how it should be, with all of Pinoy komiks.

If local children’s game Patintero became an international sport, you would have this comic, ala Slam Dunk, ala Captain Tsubasa. Unfortunately the country that originated the sport can’t even keep its place on the international arena, especially against the Americans, especially without government support. But maybe a new generation of kids will change that.

The art style does lean more toward manga-style paneling, but the art itself leans more toward the hip-hop style. This creates a unique look to the series that is hard to ignore. The sparse-ness of many of the panels sometimes feels a bit too empty, but on the whole they are just right for the series.

Characters are not hard to tell apart, but their names and their personalities have a tendency not to be too distinct. Cid, the ace player, at the moment is the only clearly distinct personality, and Owen, who is supposed to be the lead character, is only making himself distinct in issue 3. But these are not complaints or gripes, merely wishes for more and better as the series progresses.

(Oh, and the Manny makes a cameo in this series! ^^v)


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