Patintero issue 5,6 (kai castillo) [wall push productions]

The Slam-Dunk-style comic for a national kid’s game continues, and I’m still following.

Our heroes start their rise to the top, beginning with the equivalent of the X-games for patintero. That is, the rivals are still international and the games still have strict rules, but the games are urban-style and are between private groups. Um, yes, patintero is SRS BZNS. Issue 5 gives the rundown of the teams that will compete, and issue 6 gives the first battle of the Red Flames, our heroes’s team.

The series continues to improve with each new release, in small and subtle ways. More details are present in each panel, while still keeping the author’s unique semi-ghetto style. It’s getting easier now to tell individual characters apart from each other, which is good since a lot more characters are now entering the series. (Although a character rundown, like what Tepai Pascual does in the front of the Meganon releases, would be a good thing to have.) The layouting is also improving, with the panels less open-spaced than previously.

The amount of thought the author (and his friends?) have put into this series is also beginning to emerge. Just read the game history they provide at the end of issue 5, and the game attire they give at the end of issue 6. The game strategies and tactics given all sound reasonable. Even the offcourt tension reads really well.

The dedication the author and his friends have for this series is really appreciated, because, by golly, I want more of this story, until they reach the world championships!


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