Precinto 13 [alamat]

The work of Budjette Tan, David Hontiveros, and Atan, it’s a story independent of Budjette’s Trese series but has characters from it. (It does have Alexandra Trese cameo-ing! ^^v) They can probably be considered side-stories.

The release is two short stories (“A Domestic Disturbance” and “Premeditation”) about what kind of cases an unusual police precinct has to deal with; the murders are complicated by fantastic elements. Both stories are given not in the eyes of the police but in the eyes of the people involved in them. Both involve children, which makes them hit harder.

Indie it may be, but it is still an example to the higher end of the spectrum of Pinoy komiks. It keeps a western comic style very generous with the blacks. Paneling is tight and professional. The pen-and-ink is beautiful even when it is gritty. The typesetting font is unique and easy to read.

But you already know this team, there is not much else I need to say to highly recommend this on you.


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