Puso Negro (james palabon) [section six comics]

Well, this is one of those releases that stand out simply because it’s not as derivative in its style and content as the others, even if it does take from indie-type comics.

The comic contains four chapters presenting days in the life of Puso W. Alabang and his friends/neighbors. Unfortunately for the people around him, in true urban-Manila style our protagonist says what he wants to say, no matter who gets harmed or hit. The comic is full of that snarky in-your-face comedy some of our countrymen are well known for, and the author is properly immersed in that culture.

As mentioned the art style is as snarky as its content, deriving more from a rock and indie culture more than anything else. Thus it’s half-cartoony, half appropriately detailed, all distinct and all angas. The presentation of the booklet is impressive in its glossy-paper cover and offset printing.

Overall it will work really well for a particular kind of komiks fan, and may not go as well with others. But no one can deny that it’s one-of-a-kind and stands out.


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