rapid comments from November Komikon 2010

In case anyone is still interested.

Patintero – Yup, someone actually made the national game into a sport comic. (There’s one for table tennis too that I just didn’t get.) I was hoping they would have started in the early days of that sport, instead of the finals, but it’s a great concept and I’m interested.

Slash – No, it’s not about couples. It’s about a half-lazy money-grubby guy with a smart-mouthed independent girl about to go on a fighting adventure. Very manga-ish, but done really nicely.

Force 8 – P80 is too much. That said, the tones are really nice, the characters are cute, and the concept while left hanging is quite interesting.

Earthborne – Someone made superheroes out of some native beings, to good effect. Good line-art. want more.

MarsMag – Rising fashion mag takes a risk on a girl with a…erm…unique appearance. Ria Lu’s, the art takes getting used to but is ultimately done nicely.

Shorts – Done by a group of semi-pro’s, most of them are short scenes without speech bubbles, and they are done very well.

Kanto, Inc. – Taga-ilog’s new project with the wife and a friend, smart girl goes from call-center agent to what seems to be member of a spirit-busting group. Hilarious, well-drawn, totally want more.

Mithrill group antho – All the stories seems to have been Espresso submissions first. All of them had great concepts. Execution is a little uneven but generally you see good potential. Want to see more of them.

– Cat’s Trail Spotlight: Batang Airee at Polaris – I flipped through it hoping to get a comic compilation, and was happily surprised to find a small light novel, with drawings too. It just told me that it’s a do-able concept if thought over right.


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