Sagrado Teritoryo (pisara period)

At one end of the spectrum there are veterans of the komiks game aiming to look and feel professional in their releases. At the other end there are new players still testing their wings. This oneshot is one of them.

A young man is a little uneasy about being the designated demon-slayer of sorts of the heavily-Catholic region. But despite his misgivings he proves that he’s The One, and with the help of a special rosary and some inherent powers, he’ll try to bring down whatever otherworldly thing comes his way.

I have been complaining about typesetting in other series, but this oneshot has the opposite problem: the typesetting is clear but the art was not scanned well enough. Thus the typesetting stands out over a semi-grainy art. The art also still needs work, but that said it’s still better than other newbies I’ve seen. The paneling is also pretty good. The use of alibata for the sound effects did NOT work, though, because unless there are English translations I can’t read them and thus understand the sound effect. Furthermore, unlike in manga the alibata sound effects do not blend in well with the panel that uses them.

The demonslayer character is interesting, but not enough is given about him to make him likable. His special skills are Pinoy versions of manga-trope slashes and blasts, though that said they were interesting as well.

Overall it gives the feel of a young group still deep in manga but trying their hands at original stuff. They have potential, though, and they are encouraged to keep trying. I did like their release, and may come back for more.


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