Salmon Komiks issue 1

This is one of the few anthology-type issues I bought. (I must admit that I bought because of the cover. ^^;;; ) I shall address them individually.

Ang Huling Dapit-Hapon (kat palmares-garfin) — My sincere apologies for what I am about to say. The story would have been better served by a two-person team, a writer and an illustrator. Also the end-of-the-world story is lost on me because of all the dense speech balloons which are not well-supported by the art. It may have been better presented as a stand-alone release, not forced to compress the story within 12 pages.

Hello (sabrina palmares) — Very mildly yuri, a girl musters up the courage to say ‘Hello’ to a waitress she likes, and this is not as easy as it sounds. The pacing of the story is just right for its 12-page allotment, covering a short scene and delivering its punch line well at the ending. The paneling is straightforward, the typesetting good. The open spaces works well for this story. The art is manga-style but is unique to the author.

Shadow’s Trail (nica rojo) — A komikero’s fan has more than the usual fangirling, despite several missed attempts at showing her affections. Also manga-style but with a very good idea of how different local anime conventions are, which is presented well. The pacing leading up to the clincher is also really good. The digital inking is also well done.

Overall it’s quite a good first release by a new team. Improvements here and there are needed, but they’re off to a great start.


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