Soul Dice issue 1 (art*spark: kurashu/renka)

(Regulars of my work know that I keep my own Lan for a personal series. For this post we’ll be talking about someone else.)

Released at Komikon is the compilation of completed pages from the webcomic version.

Lan is a nice guy who works for an all-female temple to Chantreas. His twin sister Ying is high priestess and is not allowed outside the walls. Lan, though, is allowed outside the walls and has the ability to see forest spirits. It’s natural to him and his twin sister, but apparently it’s not natural to most other people. During one of his morning strolls for breakfast herbs he meets a wounded stranger, who also can see what he sees. Meanwhile, it’s still not certain how long Lan will be allowed to stay in the temple, before strange things happen.

The art……wow, the art. Some of the komiks I reviewed earlier have highly detailed art. But Renka’s art demands that one look at it and stare at it, without it being over-detailed or overbearing. The proportions and dimensions are always spot-on, and the amount of detail in each panel is wonderful to behold.

The pacing of the story is somewhat slower than I would like, but gives the appropriate amount of information without info-dumping nor leaving too many elements unknown. The speech bubbles are a little dense in some places, but overall the paneling is well-balanced and pro-grade. The characters are also immediately likeable, even Muff the bixie, with sufficient grounding given to Lan within the 36 pages.

Overall I am glad to have been coerced/begged into buying this one, and will be looking out for more of this story. ^^v


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