Starchild and Jagannath (kevin ray valentino)

This must be said: I’ve personally tried my hand at making a boy genius. I’m a fan of Dexter and Numbah One (Jimmy Neutron, not really) and Bean. Sir, the author of this comic, Fallon is quite underdone.

The back page of the comic gives more information than 20 pages worth of comic. Fallon Starchild, apparently a steward of Earth, goes planet-hopping with Jagannath to keep the various planets in harmony and peace. The comic demonstrates one example of how 7-year-old genius kid Fallon goes about this.

Even if he’s a genius, and even if he’s sarcastic, a kid should act like a kid at some level. Fallon does not. He acts like a pre-teen, a 12-year-old at the least. Why he is close enough to Jagannath to call him/it ‘Jay’ is also not explained in favor of the chase scene.

The art style does show potential, though, and so does the paneling and typesetting. With a little more encouragement and support from veterans of the komiks game, this series can get even better.


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