Stick-Boy (carlo valenzuela)

The stand-alone story by the author best known for the Boy Bakal series, and apparently one of the contenders during HeroTV’s comic contest.

And it’s quite understandable why the voting kids would like this so much. Bryan is a super-thin boy who decides, against all odds and against all bullying, that he WILL be a superhero, named Stick-Boy. Suddenly he does get a chance to prove himself, and prove himself he does.

The art is, well, elementary to high-school-grade but sufficiently competent and cute. The pacing is quite good, proving that some of this kiddie-ness is probably intentional. Finally, you can’t help but be drawn in by the little character that could, his niceness mixed with his try-my-best attitude.

The entire comic itself actually makes the statement which is the theme of the story, in the way it is unpretentious and unapologetic about its simplicity, but delivers the story the way he wants to tell it. For this reader, and for many others, it worked.


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