Talaan ng mga Aparisyon issue 1 (carlo clemente)

The title of the comic belies its content. I was drawn to it by the cute girl on the cover and the promise of a lot of potential enemy characters just behind her.

Lilit is a nice though frequently-bullied little girl who sees both dead people and otherworldly elements. This gets the attention of the mayor, who needs a new person to fight against evil specters. Lilit agrees, gets a magical suit to help her…..and soon merges spirits to become Idiyanale, ghostbuster extraordinaire.

The story is presented in a solidly Pinoy style, filled with side-comments and slice-of-life events. The comic art and paneling leans more toward manga-style, but the art itself is distinctly unique to the author and to the country he is from. Where important, the line art is highly detailed and action-packed. Where relevant, the caricaturing for Lilit helps in delivering effective comedic points, reminiscent of how our local comedy movies suddenly go on a tangent. Use of alibata for a fight finisher move is executed well in this one (don’t worry, it has translations).

Lilit herself is an immediately likeable character, spunky but filled with family-oriented values that help to ground her, bravely accepting things that scare her. As Idiyanale she obviously gets some inspiration from Angelina-Jolie-type girl heroes, but she is awesome in a way unique to her.

I want more adventures for Lilit, and I wish her author more success!


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