The Gemini Complex issue 1 (jp de la rama) / Nam Freaks (carl embalzado) [super debil robot]

This story made its debut in the Cebu Comics Convention, so the fact that it’s available in Manila is quite the feat (and you can’t blame them if their other, more well-known release, The Urban Animal, didn’t have an issue 1).

The Gemini Complex — A super-genius dad is bound to have really smart children, but in this case he becomes the father of super-smart twins who compete with each even before they were born. The competition gets crazier and more high-tech — with more property damage — until they manage to create two big robots!

The art style is definitely unique to an author very familiar to drawing mecha and Transformers. The paneling is gives order to chaotic action scenes, such that they are not confusing to look at despite all the big booms and explosions.

Nam Freaks — Is an insert short comic within The Gemini Complex, about a squad back during the Vietnam War. They run into some trouble with the natives, but are saved in the nick of them by someone they did not expect.

The comic does its job in the allotted 5 pages, giving importance to the clincher character. The art style is very impressive, especially in its details. The author’s preference for overlaying a character on top of paneling gets tiresome after a while, though, even if it’s done really well.

Overall the presentation of the booklet is pro-grade, with a cover page that quickly draws people in. It’s a great start, and I wish this group all the best, especially on a national level.

(They say you can order copies, details at their blogspot site.)


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