The Marvelous Mega Woman (ernest caritativo)

This guy is the other doctor at the tiangge tables that day, and is obviously a big fan of the Megastar, as the comic will show (she is thanked at the end).

If the comic is to be believed, a doppleganger for 80’s-era Sharon Cuneta has been sent to earth from a faraway planet and did not know her real parents. She grows up to be, well, the Mega-woman, famous singer, actress, political wife, superhero. She battles the forces of evil both locally and inter-dimensionally, until she runs into a particularly tough villain who makes her believe a life as 2K-era-large Sharon stuck in the slums. (And, yes, a doppleganger for KC Concepcion is also here.)

The art style and paneling hails from the Carlo J. Caparas era of comics and older, which compliments the renditions of Sharon. But the author is not beyond using digital art skills for details and backgrounds. The comic is also benefited from the out-of-pocket printing on glossy paper.

Shari Sharona as a character is somewhat different from her original, and that is a really good thing. The villain is cookie-cutter, but you’re here to stare at Shari look too much like Shawie while kicking butt. Just for that it deserves at least a read-through.


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