The Monkey and the Turtle, Director’s Cut (wilvic/arjin) [salimpusa]

I think this is one of the other attempts for the Komikon Comic Creation contest, which is an adaptation of “Si Pagong at si Matsing”, that famous Jose Rizal retelling of a fable.

This is quite the in-turns cute and crazy, and totally current-Pinoy rendition of the story, complete with a turtle going “Rock on!” waiting for an iPhone 5, and going “Okay sa olrayt!”. I also liked it that the turtle is not all-that nice in this characterization. Renditions of the monkeys and the turtle are all cute and full of personality.

The distinct art style present in Ibalong is also here, which is characterized by a nice digital inking technique, clean paneling, and good typesetting. The dialogue is better balanced in this one, so the amount of storytelling is evened out between the dialogue and the illustrations.

It’s clean, pro-grade, cute and funny. This komik team can only improve even more.


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