Tokwa’t Baboy (cm)

One of the more experimental-type comics in the set I bought. And, no, it’s not about food soaked in vinegar and soy sauce.

It’s a story most hardworking students can relate to: diligent student Tokwa has to partner for a project and chooses friend Baboy….who then leaves Toks to do all the work. But the way it’s delivered in this comic is humorous in its exaggeration of the pain, but also true in its observations. Imagine an art film take on the situation, and you might have a good idea of what you will read.

The paneling is very loose (I did say it’s in the experimental range of comic styles), so that there are wide open spaces to emphasize the characters, but the characters are given in good detail. Typesetting is also used very well. The timing of the dark comedy is also distinctly Pinoy.

I like it that I’m seeing the breadth and depth of range of my fellow citizens, and wish them all success in their chosen art styles. ^^v


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