Until That Day (villegas/myaoi) [ice cream indie]

This is one of the releases from the little Bacolod team that could. Since they already had several issues worth of their anthology-type releases, I opted to buy this stand-alone story instead.

Guy likes girl, girl kinda likes guy. Guy is torpe. Guy doesn’t manage to say what he wants to tell girl. Three years pass, life happens, but the guy still has a heart for the girl. Unfortunately both are in relationships now. What to do….?

As you can tell it’s a pretty conservative storyline, but you can’t help at least feeling a little sniffly over the poor chap, who’s a nice quiet type. It’s appreciated that the writing does not pile on the angst too thick, but focused on both parties equally and their confusions and frustrations.

The guy’s friends, however, are cookie-cutter clones of one too many Jpop and Kpop bands or one too many shoujo manga. Also the art characterization of the male characters is also quite vague so it’s hard to tell the lead guy apart from the others. The art also needs a little work in some of its proportions, but the paneling is generally okay.

Overall it’s a rather generic story with a rather generic presentation, but that does not mean I disliked it. On the contrary, it did what it had to do: it made me smile and go ‘awwwwww’. Ultimately that’s what romantic stories are for, and it did its job.


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