what i looked for in the Komikon komiks I bought

For the record, I can’t draw, so the efforts of anyone and everyone at Komikon is better than I will ever do in this lifetime. But these are what I kinda looked for while going on that insane shopping spree.

– indie (this is why the stash does not have Pugad Baboy, Kiko Machine, Beerkada, Trese, Bayan Knights, etc., which already have established a fanbase)
– basic professionalism in presentation (photocopying is a given, bad photocopying is not, color printing is a plus, full-on self-publishing has my respect because I know it’s expensive)
– decent to good art (irregardless of east or west inspiration or style)
– decent balance between dialogue and action
– GOOD GRAMMAR! (as a former editor I cannot stress this enough. I ignored several titles with awful grammar in dialogue, English or Tagalog)
– attempts at originality (manga clones were not given a chance if they are purely manga clones)
– decent to good running story


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