Work in Progress 1 (hub pacheco/ted pavon)

Much like Bakuman, I haven’t a clue where autobiography starts and where fiction begins with this story. And that’s a good thing, all of it feels so realistic that way.
Eli is out of college but not in the life that he wants yet. He’s trying to make sense of it, along with his friends from college who helped him make indie komiks. But one day at Planet X he meets the geeky pretty girl of his dreams…and maybe things about life will start changing for him.

I can confirm that Planet X branch in Glorietta (within Ayala Center). Their rendering is very accurate. That it takes a bus and an LRT to get from Ayala to Sta. Ana, I also confirm.

The art style takes a lot from manga (character designs, facial expressions, reactions) but also takes a lot from western comics (paneling, heavy-text speech bubbles), such that it’s a good and distinctly Pinoy mishmash of both (like most recent komiks tend to be in a good way). Attention to details like typesetting and cleaning are really wonderful to have. The 4th-wall-breaking is also really fun.

The story, the romantic torpe-ness, the relationship dynamics, those are all solidly Pinoy and makes the series interesting. The characters are easy to tell apart and easy to relate to. Correct emphasis is given to staying in Eli’s head, while giving the barkada characters time to shine.

I bought the compilations of the intro, chapter 1, and the intro to chapter 2. Chapter 2 is running at , go read!


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