Work in Progress issue 2 (pacheco/pavon)

This is the second compilation of individual pages from the webcomic version, until late August.

Quick primer first. Eli is a comic geek whose life is currently coasting, until he meets a fellow comic geek in a pretty girl. But of course he has to know more about her first, and more importantly, he needs to have a real life to show. This second batch gives the story of how Eli’s friends, past and present, half-force him into a self-respecting job, despite all his idealistic misgivings and confusion about personal identity.

The strength of this series is in how true it rings, even with all its trappings of yuppie culture. It deals with a main character facing the confusion in accepting the realities of life versus keeping true to ideals, accepting that life goes on and one has to grow up somehow. It also draws comedy from what are normally mundane aspects of the entry-level job hunt, making things funny while keeping the focus on important messages.

The nice black-and-white-plus-one-base-color look continues with this compilation. Minor changes were done to some of the panels versus their online versions, particularly to sharpen artwork or modify some of the dialogue to even out the flow. The pro-grade presentation, layouting, and paneling continues with this as well.

I do hope they finish enough of the tale to have sufficient material for a self-respecting MOVIE? ^^v It’s unique enough to have a different take on well-treaded material, don’t you think?


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